Course Overview

The training consists of eight modules. Each module has a video, some takeaway points, and review questions.

Registration is not required to watch the videos.

In order to see and answer the review questions you have to register by creating a user account, and be logged in. After you save a response, your work is stored so you can take a break. You can log out or log in at any time.

The review questions are intended to stimulate reflection and discussion. You can print the questions and any responses you have entered for use at the 2-day Care Coordination Fundamentals Workshop or for use within your organization.

You can check your results and current status on the Review Responses page. On this page you can also print a PDF copy of an earned certificate.

To obtain a certificate of completion you must complete at least Module 1. You can indicate which modules you completed by checking the boxes on the certificate. (Completing Modules 1-6 is required for the 2-day Care Coordination Fundamentals Workshop.)

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