Module 6: Youth Engagement

This module continues the themes of Module 5 with a focus on the special needs of youth. It covers issues of child development and explains how understanding the unique ways children learn and grow can inform an effective wraparound process. It also covers the idea of sparks, the things that truly interest and inspire a young person. The last section of the module teaches how natural supports can be used as a vital component of the wraparound process.

Takeaway Points

Wraparound is intended to guide families and youth to find their voice; gain access to resources, supports, and services; and to own their journeys.  

Success of the wraparound process is highly dependent on building relationships and supports with youth in the meetings, between meetings, and after the formal process is done.

Review Questions

1. How have you engaged youth to build trust and relationships?

2. What additional tools of engagement would you add to your tool box?

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