Module 4: Getting Started

This module reviews the Coordinated Services Teams Initiative eligibility criteria as well as identifying practical steps a care coordinator can do once they receive notice that a child and family have been approved as eligible for CST care. These include tasks and skills that can be used in any wraparound process.

Takeaway Points

Wisconsin Stat. § 46.56, which governs CST, says that county and tribal coordinating committees have the responsibility of identifying policies and practices related to eligibility criteria.  

There are guidelines and step-by-step tasks which care coordinators can use in the beginning stages of working with a child and family team that guide such things as gathering information, contacting the family, preparation for meeting with the family, and contacting potential team members. 

Review Questions

1. In addition to the guidelines and steps suggested, what additional steps might you initiate after receiving and reviewing the referral?

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