Module 3: WI Principles of Wraparound 6-10

There are 10 principles that govern how wraparound is used in Wisconsin. This module covers principles 6-10

Takeaway Points

This module covered wraparound principles (6-10):

  1. Family Voice and Choice
  2. Team-Based 
  3. Natural Supports
  4. Collaboration
  5. Community-Based
  6. Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness
  7. Individualized and Developmentally Informed
  8. Strengths-Based
  9. Unconditional
  10. Outcome-Based

Learning and integrating these 10 principles not only happens in child and family teams, but also within agencies, organizations, and coordinating committees.  

Implementing these principles to fidelity takes time and practice. 

Review Questions

1. What guiding principles (6-10) do you educate others on and model effectively?

2. What guiding principles (6-10) do you find challenging when working in the process?

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