Module 1: What is Wraparound and Why Do We Do It?

This module will cover three areas that are crucial to implementing a high quality wraparound process.

  1. The Definition of Wraparound
  2. The Keys to a Quality Wraparound Process
  3. An Overview of the Five Phases

Takeaway Points

A successful wraparound experience incorporates fidelity measures into the five phases of the team process.

These fidelity measures include:

•Involve youth and their families in the development of the wraparound team
•Incorporate cultural practices and values throughout the process
•Actively engage and integrate natural supports
•Develop statement of team mission based on parent and youth priority needs
•Brainstorm individualized strategies to meet needs
•Involve youth in community activities
•Link caregivers to social supports
•Develop proactive crisis response plans
•Ensure team members follow through on tasks
•Develop effective transition plans

Review Questions

1. What fidelity measures come naturally to you?

2. What fidelity measures are challenging that could lead to potential areas of growth?

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